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Happily helping out, to make your wedding happen

Enjoy the flexibility of our innovative new Bateman’s Barn Scalable Weddings formula – and plan your 2021+ wedding ceremony and celebrations with certainty.

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us all, it’s that things can change. At Bateman’s Barn we spent months thinking positively outside the proverbial box, to ensure that our wedding couples don’t have to deal with disappointment – whatever the cause of a shift in scenario. Sometimes there’s a reason to keep things simple, and any flexibility to build on the basics when circumstances allow, becomes a real blessing.

It's always a possibility that your wedding plans might need to chop and change due to unforeseen circumstances, but things don't have to be put on hold. We’ve come up with ways to make your ceremony and celebrations a reality and help you always to be able to share the joy with your friends and family.

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Flexible Wedding Packages for Real Peace of Mind 

Relax. Our Scalable Weddings formula has been carefully designed to offer real flexibility and accommodate change both now and going forward. Some things will always be the same though at Bateman’s Barn - you’ll genuinely find everything you need already in place and our experienced family team gently at your service. 

What’s more, our much-loved, magical 3 day mid-week or weekend Bateman’s Barn wedding formula - a favourite with couples since our outset – remains firmly on the table for times ahead. And for those wanting to enjoy all its advantages, but who have their hearts set on taking their vows in their local church or somewhere else personally special perhaps, we've introduced a new 3 day offer with all the flexibility, but without inclusion of the ceremony.  

From 2021 though, we’re also offering you the chance to set your marriage date, safe in the knowledge that you can simply scale your Bateman’s Barn ceremony and celebrations up or down using our outdoor and indoor licensed ceremony venues as circumstances - personal or otherwise - permit. And there’s no need to miss out on that full-blown reception celebration either – why not put it firmly in the diary now, so it’s there on the horizon as something for everyone to look forward to? 

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Pricing Certainty you can always count on

Clear-cut, honest pricing has always been part of the Bateman’s Barn philosophy. It’s because we just know that with the budgeting bit out of the way, you can get on with enjoying everything else about planning your wedding.

You’ll find all of our ‘building block’ offers and their optional (but oh-so-special) extras clearly priced. There are also sliding scales within the venue hire fees for our ‘Ceremony Only’ and ‘Add a Reception’ offers based on the number of guests - should circumstances force you to revise your original plans, we think it only fair that the price you pay reflects that too. 

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Our Wedding Offers – COVID-Secure Weddings & More

Our wedding offers are designed to accommodate your needs and budget and above all be adaptable. We respect that situations change and that even in a time when the Government is only advising on precautions around COVID-19 rather than imposing restrictions, people may be concerned about how to protect vulnerable friends and relatives attending their celebrations. 

There is a social responsibility to keep everyone as safe as possible and we will always talk to you about COVID security surrounding your wedding ceremony and celebrations and about any precautions you may or may not feel appropriate.

Our team respects your wishes and we will work towards the solution which suits you. For example, we are here to help with any special masking-up or social distancing requests you may have. You can find out more about COVID-19 operating policies, precautions we would encourage and those additional procedures we can put in place for your peace of mind here »  

As well as our ‘normal / green light’ full 3 day wedding packages (now also available without a ceremony at Bateman's Barn), there’s a ‘stop everything but the ceremony’ offer with an amber ‘add on a reception’ and cool blue ’add an evening party event’ too, that can also go in the diary for a later date.  

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