Outdoor ceremonies

Do you dream of getting wed under East Anglia’s big blue skies?
Or maybe under a great leafy canopy of ancient trees, all a-whisper with timeless sweet nothings?
Do you long to be led down a garden path towards an ancient grove or lush, green room with high hedges for walls, where your partner stands smiling back at you in the sunshine? 

If you want to say ‘I do’ outdoors, Bateman’s Barn South Elmham has a delightful choice of countryside settings all within the embrace of its medieval moat. 

One magical island of opportunities

A timeless tardis-of-a-summerhouse nestles by the ancient grove of towering beech trees. A secret garden hides alongside gatehouse ruins. Close to the moat, kingfishers dart and turtle doves coo. By the flint and timber barn, butterflies flit from flower to flower on the borders of the summer terrace and hens lead their trails of chicks across the lawns.

Simply choose to hold your marriage ceremony alongside 'Grace', our amazing little summerhouse-style garden wedding space - or choose your favourite location in the beautiful grounds and step across Grace or to the historic barn to sign the register at the end.

We can source folding beech-wood chairs or straw bales for ceremony seating outside, so you can make things as elegantly country, garden party familiar or just as rustic and rural and you want them to be.   

Whichever spot you select, it is sure to feel homely and special. Man and nature have shared this site for centuries. Somehow Bateman’s Barn South Elmham seems a place where belonging together means so much more.

Yours to enjoy whatever the weather

April days see our South Elmham island dotted with daffodils, but who knows about the showers. When May flowers, blossom-filled trees provide a very special sort of confetti and leaves take their turn in late September or October. June can be flamin’  - or perhaps a shade cooler. And when July and August do what they will, our flower borders always look on the bright side.

Bateman’s Barn is a heart-warming sort of place, whatever the English weather. And that means that if you arrange to hold your ceremony outside, we’ll be sure to have a Plan B agreed and discreetly tucked up a sleeve, just in case.  

Grace - our amazing little garden wedding space - is there by the ancient grove, in a most convenient spot for all couples getting married anywhere outdoors on our island, to go in to sign the register in the presence of their witnesses. Our medieval barn can be set up to step in as an alternative venue for the ceremony.

At Bateman’s Barn South Elmham, everyone is always welcome - and wedding ceremonies can take place at any time of the year - but some locations around the site may be more white dress / tuxedo, wheelchair or buggy friendly than others and this may become a consideration.

We are pleased to give advice about the nature of the site throughout the seasons and will always do our best to accommodate your wishes, working with you to ensure that everyone is well looked after on the day.

Hang loose, Mother Goose

Not sure what our resident geese will say to that, but it’s our country way of saying, relax – there’ll be plenty of time to get the decorations, flowers and all those unique little things just the way you want them.

Book a Wednesday or Saturday summer wedding at Bateman’s Barn South Elmham and we'll ensure that it is exclusively yours for three days if you wish.But whatever time of year you choose to have your ceremony with us, or whatever size your summer celebrations, we'll make sure you have a good amount of time to set everything up beautifully. 

What’s more we’re there to support you as you make your plans and with a practical helping hand or even a little inspiration not just at set-up time, but throughout the ceremony and on through the celebrations.

We even take care of clearing up the outdoor and indoor venues at the close of your stay.

Fancy finding out more?
Wondering whether an outdoor ceremony is for you? Or what our island locations are really like?
There’s only one thing for it – give us a call and come and have a gander!