Evening Parties

Island life after dark. It’s even more magical. Perfectly private. All a-twinkle with stars and tiny lights. Bateman’s Barn is a place to party the evening away to your favourite play list or live band with family, friends and workmates; to feel the warm glow of timeless friendships around the fire pit or ‘ooooo’ and ‘aaah’ at fantastic flourishes of fireworks if you wish …

And it's a place to sneak away into the distance just for a while, to capture a few precious moments and final photos as the sun sets over the ancient fields of South Elmham.

Party, Party!

Above all though, it’s time to celebrate, celebrate! As darkness falls and you welcome your additional evening guests, the medieval barn reveals itself to be a real night owl. With its oak sprung dance floor, coloured wall-wash lighting, fairy-lights, seating and space for a band or DJ and full lighting rig too, we really have thought of everything – including the oldies’ knees!

Why not add lanterns or candles to make the barn and adjacent walkways and terrace feel all the more welcoming to your guests as they arrive? The adjacent courtyard marquee is lit with hundreds of fairy-lights too. It’s a great additional area - come rain or cloudless night sky - with space for tables and cosy sofa-corners where guests can catch up or enjoy a quieter moment and still feel a part of things. This is also an ace place for evening food to be served, with the well-stocked Stables Bar close to hand, linked to the marquee by a covered walkway. 

Bateman’s Barn can accommodate a maximum of 170 guests for the evening. Our pay bar is a popular facility, serving well-kept real ales and local ciders, draft lager plus a full range of all your favourite wines, spirits and soft drinks. 

Get into your groove

Bateman’s Barn is all about you doing things your way. So, if that means strutting your stuff to the coolest soul band, mellowing out with some saxy jazz standards, or showing off your Strictly (for the Wedding) ballroom moves, it’s up to you.

We have some brilliant local recommended professional DJ's with plenty of chance to personalise your own playlist to reflect your musical tastes, but you are also most welcome to arrange your own evening entertainment. Ceilidh bands, cover bands, jazz, blues, swing and all sorts have enjoyed bringing their music to Bateman’s Barn over the years. We’ve lists to share and are happy to offer recommendations too.

Come on baby, light my fire

A place to toast the happy couple with a marshmallow or two perhaps? The fire pit down amidst the island’s ancient grove of trees is an optional extra, but oh-so-atmospheric treat and a wonderfully warming addition to any late spring, summer or early autumn evening.

We’ll prepare, light and stock the primeval fire pit, provide mighty logs for seating and even throw in the marshmallows (but not literally!).

Light up the night sky

We’ve seen some fancy photo-work of late - couples and their friends putting their name in lights using sparklers or sparkler ‘arches’ for them to walk under. The rural island site really lends itself to such spectacles and firework displays are no exception. We often have fireworks at Bateman’s Barn South Elmham and can either put you in touch with professional local fireworks companies or organise and set up a display for you.

Prices for all optional extras such as the fire pit and fireworks are detailed in our pricing information.