Weddings come in many colours, but all weddings held at Bateman’s Barn South Elmham are green. 
That’s not us being prescriptive. It’s just the way we operate, because it’s what we believe in.

So, if being mindful of the environment is all part of the agenda for your wedding day, you’re absolutely in the right place - it’s at the top of our list as well!

From keeping food miles low to loving long-eared bats, we’re green through and through. Lock, stock and barrel in fact.


Take our buildings for example. Key to the evolution of our wedding venue, Bateman’s Barn South Elmham, was the impact our business has not just on the wider environment, but on our local community too.

We used traditional lime plaster and local oak flooring in the restoration of Bateman’s Barn back in 1999. But we also chose local suppliers and sustainable products for the conversion process. In 2020, our traditionally skilled craftsmen have loved a dear old South Elmham friend back to life, relocating, re-purposing and transforming a time-honoured tardis of a summer-house into 'Grace' - an eco and absolutely adorable garden wedding space with her very own ceremony licence.

We employ local people wherever possible, both within and to support our businesses at all levels.

Stock …

Organically managed gardens surround our Bateman’s Barn wedding venue. Their wonderful, mature trees provide a home to Tawny owls, Long-eared bats and rare Turtle doves. Our hens range here very freely and we have a productive orchard, kitchen garden and poly tunnel, growing fruit plus salads, herbs and vegetables.

We graze rare-breed cattle and sheep on our ancient organic meadows for superb home-grown beef and lamb. And we're proud that part of our income from weddings goes towards conservation projects on the farm each year, creating new woodlands and hedges, restoring ponds, planting wildflowers for bees and butterflies and building bird, bat and owl boxes.

And barrel

The beers in our well-stocked Stables bar are local. They include Adnams from Southwold, ales from St Peter’s Brewery just across the fields, Aspall cider from Debenham and James White apple juices from Askbocking near Ipswich. We also source organic wines, beers and spirits from other local breweries. And if you not sure what's on offer locally, a tasting session is always an option – just ask John!

Suffolk bottled beers, nearby Wissett wines or items made by local crafts people make lovely original gifts - very thoughtful thank you presents for friends and family who have helped make your wedding day so special.  

Green, cost-effective & coming up roses

We’re green behind the scenes too, of course. Everything from pulling pints to sparkly fairy-lights are green thanks to our solar PV system which powers the island venue and ceremony spaces. We also use eco-friendly, 100% green and ecologically sound commercial cleaning products, biodegradable bin liners, recycled loo paper and energy efficient light bulbs. The recycling of paper, cans, plastic and glass goes without saying, but we also turn kitchen and cardboard waste into compost.

No need to bust your budget or cut back on style. Eco-friendly weddings can be chic and thrifty affairs too. Make the most of vintage and pre-loved finds such as decorations and dresses, even jewellery from safe sustainable sources.

Dried flower petals and recycled paper confetti can all be homemade or sourced locally. For place cards, what about using handmade sustainable paper or pebbles from your favourite beach? The pebbles can become keepsake paperweights or you can return them to the beach afterwards. Even a simple blackboard instead of printed orders of service will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Ask our local florist about in season, UK-grown flowers. They make beautiful bridal bouquets and terrific table centrepieces. What about bluebells and cow parsley in the spring? Scented English tea roses and sweet peas in Summer? Or autumn jasmine and winter berries with holly, ivy and mistletoe?  For something truly original costing just the price of a few seeds, why not grow your own or ask your friends, family and local allotment holders to get involved? 

The options are endless. And everything you create and do yourself goes towards making your day just that little bit more unique and so very much you.