labels left behind

the knot bow tied dressed to thrill BIG dreams
plain ▪ simple ▪ passionate ▪ creative




just right freedom of speeches  
all shΔpes & sizes intentions unveiled

white & black brightest technicolor  a picture of you


Bateman's Barn South Elmham
where couples celebrate themselves 


Ring Ring. Here’s putting out a call to all savvy wedding couples to be. To those seeking the opportunity to be stylish, creative and to do things their way. To those who don’t want a venue to limit or dictate, or even draw the line.

Feel free

At Bateman’s Barn South Elmham our unique island and Suffolk barn wedding venue has a pretty personal philosophy. It’s a place to enjoy, escape, indulge and share that believes in you.

It offers the freedom to be yourselves as individuals and as a couple. It invites you to feel at home. At your ease. To colour things beautiful the way you see them, against a stunning, secluded backdrop.
And all it asks, is to be cherished in return.

Express yourself

Snatched kisses behind the cowshed captured in black and white. Lapel pins and embroidered veils. Garlands, hand-crafted gifts or a single cornflower held, just freshly picked from the ancient meadow. Real lemonade slurped through stripey straws. Sung speeches and words of wisdom from people you’re in tune with.  

Allow your trusty hound to deliver the rings down your outdoor aisle. Insist on your guests wearing wacky hats. Replace the first dance with a conga round the garden or share a hill of home-made buns instead of a high-rise wedding cake.

Whether you break with tradition or hold onto it with two hands, it’s your call, your way and your route to exceptional memories.

And enjoy real peace of mind

Being on the cusp of cool is all very well, but it takes a certain sort of team to understand, assist and appreciate, to avoid treading on toes and deliver just the right level of support required.

At Bateman’s Barn South Elmham, we have been personally helping to make the most refined and decidedly different wedding ideas a reality for more than 20 years. We know our venue inside-out - both inside and out. 

Ring-Ring. Isn’t it time to give us a call?